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Are You A Liar?

Whisperboy November 1, 2022

What’s a lie? A lie is you trying to manipulate and convince people to see and judge something or someone exactly how you need them to! If you need examples of lies, manipulation, or edupulation, you can watch Fox News for half an hour. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all the results you want, and get away with pretty much anything in life all the time. Of course it would.  It almost sounds like a superpower however this superpower comes with a cost. Lying is a costly habit. The first downside to lying is the fact that you’ll have maintain your lie with your time and energy for the rest of your life. Lying helps you achieve lots of things in life but integrity isn’t one of them. Remember that Bill Clinton didn’t lose his reputation because he cheated on his wife! He lost his reputation because he cheated and officially lied about it. When you tell a lie you create a dirty little secret you’d want kept hidden forever. A dirty secret is like an STD in many ways. It would be a problem too stressful and irritating to live with, Often, it would be difficult to fix, and I wouldn’t recommend sharing it with others. On average an adult tells around 2 to 5 lies per day. Obviously there’s no way for us to provide concrete statistics about something which can be told and denied in the same breath. It is said that we are lied to 10 to 200 times a day. Probably the biggest and the most frequent lie we tell each other is the statement “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that” but in reality what you  mean is “I’m upset I got caught” and you expect people to accept this fake apology and move on!? Do you lie? Some you just said Yes! Some others said No! If you said Yes! Well done I’m proud of you! Because You just took one more step towards being more honest with yourself.  If you said No! Congratulations! You just told yourself yet another lie. I hope you’re a good swimmer because you’re in denial. Hehe.
Joking aside, the worst kind of lies are the ones we tell ourselves to make us feel better. What we can do instead is not doing things that would make us or others feel bad. You wouldn’t have to fix something you haven’t broken, would you? The only people who never lie to you are politicians. Hang on! That was a lie! Politicians are in the business of controlling and manipulating people and apparently you can’t control people by being 100% honest with them. Imagine what would happen to McDonalds sales if they told people their burgers aren’t made of real meat. Like the rest of us Politicians also die at some point but it would be a good idea to bury some of them deeper than 6 feet because I’ve heard their job makes them lie to people and deep down dishonest politicians are much nicer. The second and the real problem starts when you get used to lying to yourself and others. If you do something for long enough it turns into. Skill and when you practice a skill for long enough it turns into a habit and we all know how difficult it is to try to kick a habit. You need help when lying turns into your auto response to every situation, and gets established as a part of your personality. I’m not talking about the fact that lying is wrong. What I’m trying to warn you about is the fact that after a while lying clouds your judgement and turns your judgement into something like a faulty Satnav. It will take you to all sorts of wrong destinations. I have a friend who tells a lot of lies on a daily basis and keeps asking me for advice on how to gain his girlfriend’s trust. He’s been lying to her for so long he’s lost the ability to see things the way they are and he is now struggling to understand his lies are the actual problem not his girlfriend isn’t his paranoid. Apparently calling his girlfriend paranoid is easier than stopping his lies and facing the truth. I am almost sure and hope you already know your judgement is the basis for your decision making process which is exactly what helps you navigate your way through life. It is plain and simple! If you buy you’re a buyer. If you supply you’re a supplier and if you lie you’re a liar. People never buy a faulty product knowingly. When you’re on EBay, would you purchase a faulty Satnav intentionally? Of course not unless you just need it for reasons other than navigation. People use the phrase “I’m not buying that” under two circumstances. 1. When you try to sell them a product but they don’t believe the product would satisfy their needs. 2. When you try to tell them a lie. Either way, what they mean is they will not buy whatever you’re trying to sell them to tell them. Liars scare buyers.

Everybody lies but no one likes being lied to. Funny isn’t it? We all know it’s wrong but we don’t mind doing it, however even liars don’t appreciate being called liars! We don’t want to get caught lying. Generally speaking we don’t want to get caught doing something wrong. You don’t believe me? Just ask Thieves, and murderers in prisons. They’ll potentially tell you the truth. They are in prison for a reason. No matter what they’ve done, they been caught doing something wrong. They will probably try to shift the responsibility or blame onto someone else conveniently forgetting the fact that they are responsible for the things they did. They may have been influenced by someone else but it was them who pulled the trigger and murdered someone, they robbed the bank, they stole the money, they tried to groom children on TIKTOK, they told the taxman lies about their taxes, they made and sold fake passports, they scammed people online. I don’t think you’d need a lie detector to help you understand they’re lying. Would you?

Consequences encourage or discourage behaviour. If at some point in the past you’ve learned you can get away with anything by simply telling a lie, you will carry on telling lies to get the results you want and get away with the punishment you don’t want. Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking you to be 100% honest and truthful at all times! There are times you would have to tell a lie to save your life or someone else’s. Most liars tend to get overly defensive, lose their temper or panic when they’re caught in a lie and start behaving like cats which notice the presence of a cucumber behind them unexpectedly. I bet you’re googling putting cucumbers behind cats videos right now haha.

The worst part of being a liar is that one day you will make one poor decision which will ruin your life. A poor decision which could cost you your health, reputation, relationships, friendships, or your freedom. Talking about death by a thousand paper-cuts. I never feel sorry for liars because the slow, and gradual process of turning into a liar does not happen overnight and to make matters even worse there is no coming back from it unless they  become self aware and take meaningful and intentional steps towards fixing this problem. Lying is extremely harmful to your mental health simply because it makes you lose the ability to decide what’s real and what isn’t which is the starting point of a steep and slippery slope. If you don’t care about yourself and try to fix this issue, no one else will do it for you because everybody else is too busy dealing their own demons. The upshot is: You are responsible for your actions.
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. No one likes losing the control of their life situations! So do the smart thing! Do yourself a massive favour and make sure you won’t make rash decisions so you would have to control the outcomes by lying about thing. Do this and your future self will be great and grateful. If the aim of the game is to increase your success rate in life by being able to predict possible outcomes, I don’t think adding something as unpredictable as a lie to the mix would help make things more predictable.

Prevention is always better, easier and cheaper than cure. Remember that you’re always one punch away from murder and life imprisonment , one signature away from getting richer, one lie away from losing your favourite job, one kiss away from finding or losing the love of your life. You’re always one decision away from changing your life for better or worse! To make a 1000 dominos fall, you don’t have to push every single domino. You only have to push the first one and your action creates a chain reaction which begins with your direct influence and ends with the fall of the last domino.recently, AI or artificial intelligence is causing most of us cyber anxiety. All of a sudden what we invented to help us multitask and be more efficient turned out to be potentially the end of us. For some God unknown reason most of us are  Everyon seems to be worried about AI replacing them at work these days would but no one is worried about the fact that some famous company has taught AI how to tell sophisticated lies.to lie!

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